Growing up to Maximize your Yield

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Food production and food procurement are cornerstones of the prepping process. Its a very simple thing to understand. You have to either have the food, make the food or gather the food to survive. For most people a garden is part of this answer.

Food production and food procurement are cornerstones of the prepping process.

Its astounding what some gardeners have been capable of pulling off in small spaces. There are all sorts of options that can be used by the average gardener to increase yield. There are a bunch of tools, growing methods and fertilizers that will bolster your garden.

One major change in how you look at your garden comes from growing vertically instead of horizontally. Things like melons and squash are prolific growers but they take up lots of space. How about building trellises that help them grow upwards?

What are some other great foods to grow up instead of out? Glad you asked.

Zucchini or Squash

Another prolific vegetable that can take up lots of space if you aren’t careful. You could be using up too much of your gardens area to grow these. Zucchini can be trellis grown or grown on stakes! The main stalk of the plant can be affixed to the stake and it will grow just as well!


When you think of SHTF sanitation you might not think about growing your own scrubbers but its possible. Luffa is a monster plant that needs to grow high and get lots of sun. Its a great option for a vertical garden.


I am sure you are thinking that tomatoes always grow upward. Well, maybe you aren’t growing high enough. If you build the cages yourself you can grow tomatoes 10 feet tall! While this might not save you, in terms of space, it seems this method has a great effect on overall yield.

Look at your garden through a brand new eye. Start growing vertically!

Food production and food procurement are cornerstones of the prepping process.

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