The BEST Fire-Roasted Jalapeño Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe

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The BEST Fire-Roasted Jalapeño Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe This article takes those delicious fire roasted jalapenos and creating a delicious fermented hot sauce. What's better than hot sauce on your eggs in the morning? Is there anything more delicious than having an incredible bowl of rice and beans that is dotted with hot sauce? Don't forget hot sauce is also a way to preserve those jalapenos.

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There is an incredible condiment out there that is pretty low in sodium has no sugar and no wacky preservatives in it. Most people dont realize that hot sauce is such a delicious and safe seasoning. When using cayenne as a base you are also imparting natural inflammation properties. 

Are you looking for something to do with the last of your jalapeno harvest? Are you looking for a way to take advantage of all the peppers that you have from your garden?

Fire roasting is an incredible way to take advantage of peppers in general. When you talk about preserving vegetables this method of fire roasting works great for peppers. When you blister the skin and peel it off you wind up with a pepper that is ready for the freezer or for canning.

If you jalapenos in your garden you can make this sauce in a few days! 

Other Important Condiments

Things like this can go a long way when you are down to just food storage. There is something terrible about eating the same food night after night and you could fall into that pattern easy! 

Having a collection of seasonings, spices and condiments is a big part of avoiding that. Have things on hand like salt and pepper in massive quantities. Dont forget salt is essential for things like fermenting and other types of preservation. 

Also, some premade sauces are great to have on hand. Things like mustard and ketchup are dirt cheap because of supply and demand. They can turn simple food into a little something more important. 

Now is the time to start storing spices, hot sauces, and other seasonings in large quantities. We are not here to simply survive we are here to thrive in the face of SHTF.

That means we need all the pieces.



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