New To Prepping? Start Here :)

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New To Prepping? Start Here :)

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When you are new to prepping you will be very confused, I will not lie, when I first started I wasted so much money on crap I didn’t need. I’m here to stop you from making my mistake.

First off, I would recommend getting a bug out bag. A bug out bag is a bag that has enough supplies and tools to last you at least 72 hrs. Included in the bag at the bare minimum should be water or a filtration/purifier, something to make fire, and last but not least, shelter. Check out my bug out bag checklist below :

Bug Out Bag Checklist

The Best Bug Out Bags To Buy

Below are a few articles that other preppers said helped them to start prepping. I had a lot of feedback and here are the top 5 articles to get you prepping and living more frugally. My motto is… “The more money you can save doing it yourself, the more you have to spend on preps”

18 Low-Cost Ways to Start Prepping

56 Long-Term Survival Foods and Supplies at the Grocery Store

Prepping When You’re Poor

14 Simple But Essential Survival Tools for Your Bug Out Bag

25 No-Cost (or Low-Cost) Garden Tools

Prepping isn’t something you can learn overnight, it’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Whether you are prepping for the end of the world, economic collapse or natural disasters, we are all a small community and we are all here to help you. Like our Facebook page and leave questions, we will all help you out 🙂

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