Grow Fast Food in the Garden

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Grow Fast Food in the Garden

Grow Fast Food in the Garden

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Ever have those years in the garden where your harvest comes in early but there is still growing time? How about when you get a late start on your garden overall but still want to be able to get something planted and harvested? You need to grow fast food!

Did you know that it takes 30 days (or less) to grow many different greens? Even if all you have is a couple weeks of really good growing season left, you can sprout some baby greens and enjoy the fresh, delicious flavors – not to mention the boost of nutrients. Green onions, various herbs, and radishes can all be grown (if not to full maturity, close to it) in around 30 days.

Have a little more time? If you got a late start on your planting but have around 2 months left, consider growing beets or peas. The idea that you need a full growing season to plant and enjoy the fruits of your labors comes from being conditioned that unless you do things exactly as you are told, you can’t be successful. There are certain plants that actually¬†prefer the cooler temperatures in the Fall such as onions. If you have some leftover onions sets, plant them and enjoy some late baby onions in your first winter soups and stews!

There is so much more than you can grow to eat in a short amount of time!

Growing Fast Food in the Garden

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