How To Butcher A Deer

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How To Butcher A Deer

How To Butcher A Deer - See where you get the different cuts of meat from and learn how to butcher a deer!

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Hunting is part of our blood. For hundreds and thousands of years we have done this to survive. It is only in the past hundred years or so we have relied heavily on food production companies to process and pack out meats and most of us do not even know how to butcher any kind of meats.

Over at they have a great infographic that shows you where to get the different cuts of meat from. Hunting is the easy part (for some) even the collecting and draining of the blood and guts but butchering isn’t always the easiest thing to master.

See the infograph on How To Butcher A Deer and

Read an article on how to butcher a deer at How To Butcher A Deer

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