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Hygiene and Being Resourceful

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Hygiene and Being Resourceful

Hygiene and Being Resourceful - tips Follow Me on Pinterest

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How much do you really know about personal hygiene outside of the what sits on the store shelves? Do you know that there are tons of options right under your nose that can keep your personal hygiene up to snuff when the world around you is falling apart? This article is a break down of the various options on the market and off the market. There are interesting plant solutions to hygiene as well as innovative products like Combat One which is a field hygiene kit that is made for soldiers but available to civilians.

This article also has some great information about ancient techniques for staying clean. These could come in very handy when resources are scarce. Remember, in the absence of clean water, waste management and other vital services you will find that hygiene becomes a huge challenge. It wont be the 15 minutes in the bathroom we have become accustomed to!

Hygiene and Being Resourceful

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