Multifunctional Survival Hiking Pole

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Multifunctional Survival Hiking Poles Keep You Alive In The Wild

Multifunctional Survival Hiking Pole Could Save Your Life! - This hiking pole can turn into a spear, brush axe, flashlight, stun gun and more… very useful if SHTF or you are bugging out and need a weapon. Follow Me on Pinterest

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I personally do not hike so I do not own a hiking pole of any kind. I understand that they are used to help you keep your footing and balance while traversing steep inclines and rough terrains.

So thinking about the usefulness of a pole while hiking that led me to think about what would happen if SHTF. If you are bugging out and your car breaks down or you plan to get out of Dodge on foot one of these poles may help you because a bug out bag could get pretty heavy.

I did some searching and I came across this beast of a hiking pole. It is a multi functional pole that I think will rock your socks off. The pole can turn into a spear, brush axe, has a built-in flashlight … and stun gun and more…

You have to see this pole in action and maybe even save a spot in your preps. I think it would be worth buying because sometimes all you have to defend yourself is what you have in your hand and this would certainly be a good defense weapon. See more pictures and get a lot more information in the link below 🙂

Multifunctional Survival Hiking Pole

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