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Attacked by 6 robbers with weapons, Chicago train rider pulls knife, fights back. 3 suspects wounded, all 6 arrested, victim wounded also.

Attacked by 6 robbers with weapons, Chicago train rider pulls knife, fights back. 3 suspects wounded, all 6 arrested, victim wounded also.

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Six robbers with weapons attacked and tried to rob a Chicago train passenger early Friday morning, but the victim pulled a knife and fought back. In the end, three of the suspects were wounded and hospitalized, all six were arrested, but the victim was also wounded and hospitalized.

What are the details?

The 42-year-old victim got on a train at Addison Street on the North Side around 2 a.m. when three people tried to take his cellphone and began attacking him, police Supt. David Brown said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

During the struggle, the victim took out a small knife and stabbed one of his attackers in the back, the paper said.

At the North/Clybourn stop, the three robbers left the train as a fourth person entered it and began attacking the victim, Brown added to the Sun-Times, after which the victim stabbed that attacker in the neck, and the attacker stabbed the victim in the collarbone.

Ring catches bike thief in action
Ring catches bike thief in action

With that, six suspects began chasing the victim around the train platform and train cars, Brown said, according to the paper. In addition, two of the suspects hit the victim in the head with a glass bottle and other objects, Brown added, the Sun-Times said.

What happened next?

Three of the six robbers were hospitalized, the paper said: A 52-year-old man in serious condition with a stab wound to the neck; a 36-year-old man in fair condition with cuts to his arm; and a 24-year-old man with a stab wound to the back who was stabilized.

Charges were pending against all six arrested suspects, the paper added.

The victim was hospitalized in serious condition, police told the Sun-Times. He suffered stab wounds and cuts, Patch said.

In addition, a transit authority employee who wasn’t involved in the altercation also was hospitalized for “stress,” the Sun-Times said.

The CTA said in a statement it was sharing video with police but gave no details about the attack.

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