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Soap Making and Soap Recipe

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Soap Making and Soap Recipe

Soap Making and Soap Recipe - guide Follow Me on Pinterest

This time of year it may be pretty common for you to have a fireplace full of ashes. By this time of the year you have also probably exhausted the many areas that you can sprinkle ash upon. The compost piles have had their fill and the garden cannot take much more alkalinity. The good news is, ashes are a staple ingredient in making lye. Lye is vital for making soap. Do you see what direction I am going here? πŸ™‚

This soapy article gives you the very simple method and all the steps needed to make your own soap. When you read over the process you will wonder why you have been buying soap for so long. Its a very thorough article and answers nearly every question you could have throughout the process. Even better, it ends with a great recipe for your own soap.

Soap Making and Soap Recipe

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